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Oasi Villas Panarea

Oasi Villas Panarea combines villas of charm on the island of Panarea, in the Aeolian Islands. The villas, built in Aeolian style, are elegantly furnished with special handcrafted wooden and ceramic Sicilian and equipped with every comfort.

The villas have a breathtaking view of the sea and the islets of Basiluzzo, Dattilo and the volcano Stromboli but their particular position allows to satisfy lovers of green by projecting the look on fascinating and pristine hills that characterize the island.

In Panarea there is a lovely and clean sea, perfect for unforgettable swims, full of attractions and uncontaminated seabed for the joy of those who want to venture into snorkeling. The many itineraries on foot or by with electric cars are a viable alternative to enjoy the island from a different perspective.

Oasis Villas Panarea, for a charm holiday.